Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Am I Ready for Roadcraft?

How do I know I am ready for RoadCraft Control Skills Upgrade?

Control Skills Upgrade is not a beginner level training program.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I ridden my motorcycle lately? Am I fairly comfortable riding in traffic?
  • How does riding make me feel? Exhilarated? Relaxed? Anxious or Fearful?
  • When presented with a situation that makes me a little uncomfortable on my motorcycle, do I ride through it? Avoid it? Get someone else to ride it for me?

If trying new things on your motorcycle and being challenged a little bit outside your comfort zone while doing so elicits a fear response in you, that can limit your ability to make progress in training. If you answered NO to the first question, or if the last two questions made you feel anxious or fearful, you may not be ready for Roadcraft.

Our riding exercises start at level that should be comfortable for a rider with some experience that is comfortable riding a motorcycle in traffic. From there the challenge builds in a step by step manner as proficiency increases. As RoadCraft courses are presented in a group training format, we have a limited amount of time available for one-on-one focused instruction. Each person gets individual feedback and instructor assistance, but we cannot focus on any one person for long periods.

Safety is our highest priority. If your instructor feels that your safety or that of others is compromised, and you are unable to make progress, you may be asked to discontinue training. Please note that we cannot issue a refund once your course has started. Our full refund and transfer policy is available here.

So if you are ready, REGISTER NOW for Control Skills Upgrade!