Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Race Report – PCMRC Round 1

My 2017 season started an awful lot like 2016 with a crash in the first wet practice session. At least I have a second race bike this year and my ribs are only feeling bruised and not broken. Overall the damage was minimal and it didn’t affect the rest of my day too much.

By the time the qualifying races rolled around the track was almost completely dry but the air and track temperatures were low and the track was very green so it was difficult to get a feel for how much traction was available in each section. I managed to qualify on pole for my two races but the lap times were slow and the bike was sliding in some places that I would prefer that didn’t happen, but I stayed upright and put myself in a good position for the mains.

250 Cup- 1st: This one was drama free. I was able to open a lead in the early laps and build enough of a cushion that I was able to go slower in the sketchier parts of the track and a little faster in the good sections while I monitored the gap and brought home an easy win.

Formula 16+ Unlimited – 1st: To say the very least, this one would not be so easy. I was starting from pole but had fast guy Bart Brown #96 beside me starting 2nd and even faster guy Scott Borthwick #34 starting 3rd.

I don’t really know how to put this one into words other than HOLY **** THAT WAS INTENSE!

From the moment the starting lights went out until the checkered flag the battle for the lead was absolutely ferocious in every corner of every lap and I’m told the three of us put on quite a show. If you weren’t in it or watching it there’s nothing I can type that will do it justice. Both those guys can ride a motorcycle damn fast and I’m just glad to have come out on top this time. Hopefully the war at the front will rage just as intensely at round 2 on May 27th.

Next Saturday May 6th WMRC’s New Racer School in running so if you registered for that I’ll see you then. Then Sunday will be 2017 race day #1 at Mission Raceway Park. Roadcraft’s next Control Skills Upgrade course runs the following week on May 11, 13, 14th.

Thank you to Scott and Monica for my awesome new set of customer Racer X Leathers; they are great and they must be worth at least half a second a lap. Thank you to the Scout’s Canada medics for the checkup and the ice pack. Thanks to: Roadcraft, Blair at SV Racing, Burnaby Kawasaki, MSpeed performance, Adam and Kathy Grainger, Team “Over What Hill?” Racing, and of course thank you to Patty for all she does for me, for the PCMRC and for any racer that has ever asked her for anything.

Steve McKenna #49