Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

PCMRC Round #8

Formula GP: 1st
250Cup: 1st
Formula 21 and Over: 3rd

Final 2016 PCMRC Championship Placing:
Formula GP: 1st
250Cup: 1st
Formula 21 and Over: 2nd

The last race weekend of the year could not have come soon enough for me. Between racing with two different clubs and teaching with Roadcraft I was feeling pretty burnt out. I never thought I’d say it (or type it) but I could actually use a break from motorcycles for a while. I won’t get it but I could use it…

Despite my lack of enthusiasm leading up to the weekend Sunday ended up being a good day of racing, I was very happy with my results, everyone went home safe and we even had great weather.

Formula GP: I got the holeshot from pole position and as usual by turn one I could hear Scott Borthwick RIGHT behind me. Unfortunately Scott’s chain broke on lap number two and ended his race.

Jeremy Karlson wasn’t that far behind so I tried to maintain a good race pace but a lap or two later I spotted Jeremy in the grass outside turn one and I knew he had gone down. As I came down the front straight on the next lap I got the signal from Patty that I now had a really big gap to second so I was able to run the rest of the race at a comfortable pace and bring home a win.

250 Cup: Another pole position and another win meant I had a perfect season in 250 cup this year and as a bonus I reclaimed my 250 lap record. Sorry Jeremy 😛

Formula 21 and Over: Another F21+ race, another holeshot and the usual two suspects right behind me and they were going FAST. Paul Ludwig wasted no time beating me on the brakes into turn three on the opening lap. I knew Scott Borthwick was right behind me so I tried to go as fast as I could but on the next lap my rear tire decided it had had enough abuse on the right hand side and it started to slide. These were not the usual on-throttle slides either. These were the slow it down or prepare to pay the price slides and they were happening every time I tried to open the throttle at lean angle on the right.

Riding the bike a little slower rather than riding in an ambulance sounded pretty appealing at that point, and despite consistently running my fastest laps at GMR I did not have the pace to keep up with Paul and Scott anyway.

Congratulations to Scott Borthwick on the race win and for setting the fastest ever lap time for any motorcycle around Greg Moore Raceway. Scott ran a 58.9 second lap! Wow!

Thank you to: Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy, SV Racing Parts, Scott Borthwick , Burnaby Kawasaki, Over WHAT Hill Racing, The PCMRC Executive, all of the race day volunteers, the Scouts Canada paramedics and of course a special thank you to Patty.

Thanks for following along. Please drop by the Roadcraft booth at the Vancouver Motorcycle Show and say hi. This year’s dates are January 20 – 22, 2017

Ride safe,
Steve McKenna #49