Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

PCMRC Round #7


Formula GP: 2nd

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup: 1st

Formula 21 and over: 3rd

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup Champion

When I SLOWLY rolled out of bed Sunday morning my ribs were really sore and I wasn’t sure if I could make it through another race day. The Gold Cup championship was already settled and I knew I could sit out the 250 race and likely still take the 250 Cup in September.
Standing in the shower I tried to calculate the Formula GP points inside my foggy, caffeine depleted head with little success. Maybe I could sit out the whole day and still be in reasonably good shape going into the final round in September, maybe. I wasn’t sure and I hate 5 AM math problems anyway.
Even if I didn’t race we’d have to make the trip out to Chilliwack so we could pack up our pit and bring the bike and trailer home, so we got in the truck and headed to a race track again for the third week in a row.

I’d have the hour long drive and some time at the track to evaluate my condition and decide what I wanted to do. Going home early to sit on the patio with ice on my ribs and an ice cold beverage in my hand sure had its appeal but as usual, once I got to the track I wanted to try and race.

I’d been taping my right wrist and thumb most of the season for some added support after straining it at one of the early Mission rounds and it had worked really well. Perhaps taping up my ribs and then wrapping them would work better than just the elastic wrap.

I was pretty sore for those first couple of practice laps but after that it seemed to settle in a bit and it actually felt a little better than yesterday. I deemed the tape an initial success and decided I’d take the start in Formula GP and try to take as many points as I could. If I was still able to race after that I’d make sure I took more pain medication between the 250 and Formula 21 and over races as well.

Formula GP:
I’m getting tired of typing this and even more tired of watching it happen but; holeshot ->Borthwick -> bye-bye, is how it went and how it’s going to go it seems. Congrats Scotty, so far I have nothing for you at this track. I’d like to say that being hurt played a role but I know you’re old and hurt too so there are no excuses. My ribs held up pretty well and I was able to hang onto 2nd without too much trouble so I was happy with that.

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup:
Jeremy vowed to make me work for it this time and he did. I had to ride pretty hard all race long to stay ahead of him but I got it done and my ribs were still doing better than expected.
Congratulations to Jeremy for setting a new 250 track record at GMR. I had lowered my own record the previous day with a 1:01.75 and today Jeremy managed to go a few hundredths of a seconds faster than that. Good job bud. I apologize for not remembering your exact lap time but I’m sure you won’t mind reminding me.

Formula 21 and over:
Paul Ludwig made things easy for me on the start this time. When the lights went out he pulled a huge wheelie and then missed a shift so I was easily able to make it to turn one first but Paul and Scott were coming and they passed me quickly this time and disappeared off in the distance to settle things amongst themselves.

I checked traffic after two laps and saw Bart Brown and Jeremy were behind me as expected but not close enough that I could hear Bart’s bike and that was good news. I was hoping Jeremy would take some fight to Bart and slow them both down in the process so I could relax but it didn’t happen, or not that I saw at least.

I monitored the gap and started to think about all the lapped traffic I could see coming. I got the first one on the brakes into one, then another in turn three and this time got up the inside of the next one on the entrance to turn eight and I think Bart had to slow up and wait to get around him. This time the lappers worked to my advantage and I had a relatively easy ride to take home 3rd.
Congratulation to Paul Ludwig for setting the new outright motorcycle lap record at Greg Moore Raceway. Paul ran a 59.725! Holy HELL that is fast Paul. Congratulations!

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to: Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy, Blair Layton at SV Racing parts, everyone at “Over WHAT Hill racing”, Adam and Kathy Grainger, you guys ROCK! The PCMRC executives, all of the volunteers, and everyone that make these race weekends happen. Thank you Patty for everything you do for me and for the PCMRC. Words could never say how much your support means to me!

There’s one more round of PCMRC action on September 11th at Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack. Come drop by the Roadcraft pit to say hi and check out what mini racing in BC has to offer. You won’t regret it. I should be healed up enough that if the track is dry and warm I’ll be out to crush Jeremy’s 250 lap record 

This coming Sunday, August 21st there is a track day in Pitt Meadows. Come ride, drop by to watch or just say hi. More information is available here

Steve McKenna #49