Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

PCMRC Round #5


Formula GP: 1st

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup: 1st

Formula 21 and over: 4th

Formula GP:
Saturday’s qualifying races set the grids for the whole weekend so once again I started this race from pole. I got the holeshot and tried to bolt but I had Scotty Borthwick and Connor McCarroll RIGHT behind me as we climbed the hill towards turn 2.

After a couple laps I was pretty sure Scott was the one on my tail based on the sound of the bike buzzing in my ear in every turn. I was doing my best to implement some of the advice he’d given me and I was trying to keep the door shut in the places we talked about. Too bad that guy is really good at finding new doors or even trying to make a few that aren’t really there!

Sure enough the pass attempt did indeed come but this time he had slightly miscalculated the gap between us coming into the last hairpin and how much room would be available at the apex. I was already fully committed to the turn when I saw his front wheel between my bike and the curbing.

I’d left very little room on the inside so to avoid hitting me Scott knew he would have to have his tires RIGHT on the very edge of the track curbing. I saw his front wheel go up on the curb and down the other side and when the wheel came down it looked like the bike went into a tank slapper. I turned my attention to the front straightaway and I was now getting the signal I had a big gap to second place as Connor had lost time evading Scott.

Scott thinks his tires had cleared (or should have cleared) the curbing but he hadn’t calculated for the gear shift leaver which may have hooked on the curbing and pulled him further to the inside.

Tough break Scott. The pass attempt was clean and I don’t think we made contact, there just wasn’t enough room that time.

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup:
I led this one from the start and was never challenged. The races were longer on Sunday and the weather was quite a bit warmer which may have played to my advantage. I’m not sure about that but as the laps wound on, it seemed I was able to back down the paces a bit without letting the gap to second place shrink significantly.

Regardless, we head into the final two rounds of the 250 Western Canadian Gold Cup next weekend with four wins in four races and hoping to take the cup home for the second year in a row.

Formula 21 and over:
I got a better start than the day before but Paul Ludwig was still easily able to pull away in the early laps with Scott coming by fairly early on putting me in 3rd just like the day before.

Today, however, I made a big mistake at about half distance when I came into turn 2 on an uhm… “experimental line” that didn’t work out at all and almost put me off track. That cost me a lot of time and put me back to fourth behind #69, #34 and the #11 bike with a gap to try and close. I was getting close and planning a move for the last lap but we ran into lapped traffic and this time I got held up by a lapper and lost my chance to try and regain 3rd. Such is life, that’s racing.

What a fantastic weekend of racing!

    The PCMRC is back at it this weekend at Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack for another double header National Round that will wrap up a the Western Canadian Gold Cup and Grom Prix championships.

    Thank you to RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy, Scott Borthwick, Adam and Kathy Grainger, Blair Layton at SV Racing Parts, and everyone on team “Over WHAT Hill? Racing”.

    Thank you to the PCMRC executive, the Quesnel Knee Draggers, all of the race day volunteers and everyone at Cariboo Raceway Park. I love that track and I look forward to the 2017 weekend in Quesnel.

    Of course a special thanks to Patty for making the long trip and for your tireless support of this madness.

    Steve McKenna #49