Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

PCMRC Round #4


Formula GP: 2nd

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup: 1st

Formula 21 and over: 3rd

The drive up to Cariboo Raceway Park in Quesnel is a long one but the track and the racing always make it worth the effort. The flow of the track, the elevation changes, and the impressive amount of grip the racing surface has to offer make it a real treat to ride.

Unfortunately the threat of rain is ever present there and we did have some showers on Saturday but most of the races were run in the dry and I never had to mount my rain wheels.

Formula GP:
This weekend saw the return of the always fast Scott Borthwick on the #34 bike. Since this was Scott’s first race day of the year he would have to start the qualifying race from the back of the pack while I was starting from pole. I won the three lap qualifier but he’d be on row two for the race and that was likely to cause me trouble.

In the race I got a decent start and led for half the race but there’s just no way I can keep Scott behind me for very long. He made a great pass between turns 7 and 8, but I wasn’t quite ready to surrender just yet. I got a good drive out of 8 and thought about trying him on the inside into the turn 10 hairpin but wasn’t quite close enough. I tried again into turn 1 but he was just far enough ahead to make the risk not worth the reward.

He was able to open the gap a little more on the next lap so I just settled in to follow him and tried to learn as much as I could in the remaining laps.

Later in the day Scott showed me a tape of the race and helped me out with some advice on different lines to take to make his job more difficult.

Thank you Scott, your coaching is always much appreciated.

250 Western Canadian Gold Cup:
Fellow RoadCraft instructor Jeremy Karlson continues to up his pace so I actually have to work at winning these 250 races now, damn it 😉 He’d gone up to Quesnel for the some practice in July and it really showed. I was still able to keep him behind me but it’s getting tougher all the time.

Hopefully we’ll be battling for the lead side by side soon. The races you have to fight to win are always the most fun and the most memorable.

It’s great to have RoadCraft bringing home first and second place finishes in so many 250 races this year.

Formula 21 and over:
#69 Paul Ludwig started this one from pole with me beside him in second. This time I got bad start and pulled way too much of a wheelie. By the time I got the wheelie under control I had missed a shift I needed prior to turn one making my climb up the hill towards turn two S-L-O-W. All I could do was watch Paul disappear into the distance and start to think about defending second place.

I wouldn’t have to wait too long before I could hear Scott Borthwick’s bike right behind me and two laps later he was past again. So I had to settle in for a third place finish which is fine by me. Those guys are way more experienced racers than I am, they’re great riders and very fast so it’s no shame losing to those guys. I’ll try to see if I can make their job at least a little more difficult at the 2017 Quesnel rounds. Maybe…

It was a great day of racing and they was more still one more day ahead so check out the PCMRC Round #5 report that will be up shortly.

Steve McKenna #49